Jamieson to Newsweek: Share My Words, Share My Pain

No hard feelings from Washington City Paper’s Dave Jamieson, whose April 7 Slate piece hating on lacrosse culture was “closely tracked” in a May 1 Newsweek cover story about the Duke lax scandal.

Newsweek ran a correction of sorts in their May 15 issue (The Weekly Standard’s Scrapbook pointed out the similarities between the two stories on May 8).

Here’s the Newsweek “Editor’s Note”: “In our cover story on the Duke lacrosse team, a description of lacrosse players closely tracked language in a story on the lacrosse culture that appeared in Slate, the online magazine. The language was inadvertently included in a reporter’s file. NEWSWEEK offers its apologies to Slate.”

We asked Jamieson about the correction, and he said, “The editor’s note is vague and a tad baffling (‘inadvertently included’?), but I was glad to see Newsweek decided to formally recognize the matter. If editors there feel someone needs to be punished, I have an idea: The offending reporter can help me read and respond to the voluminous hate e-mail I’m still receiving from incensed lacrosse players (and their mothers) the world over.”