Jamie McCarthy, Celebrity Photographer: The Anti-TMZ

Jamie McCarthy has been taking pictures of celebrities since before the digital camera was born. For 17 years he’s been snapping flattering, red carpet shots of celebs who soon become friends.

McCarthy was mentored by his uncle, the storied nightlife and celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan. He recently spoke to Mediabistro about a recent photo shoot (Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was involved), photographers that have influenced his work and the rise of TMZ:

Has the rise of TMZ affected the way you do your job?
Not really. My team of photographers at Getty, we’re kind of like the anti-TMZ. We’re the guys that are pretty much on the inside. So we’re the guys who want to do the nice photos and make them look good, whereas TMZ and those guys I feel like they’re looking more for the dirt on celebrities. My clients hire me because they know they can trust me and I’m not going to give up secrets about them and I make them look good. I want people who see the photos to say, ‘Wow, she looks beautiful’ or ‘He’s great-looking.’ Also, I only shoot at events where people are expecting photographs to be taken. I’ve never tried to shoot people in their personal lives. That’s not my style.

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— Aneya Fernando