Jamie Lee Curtis’ Kids Book Adapted For New App

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis’s book Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery has been adapted into a new children’s book app by app maker Auryn HD.

Like the book, the app takes readers on a journey up into the sky. But the app brings the story to life as the balloons on the page –original drawings by Laura Cornell — are lifted up across the screen.

The app has lots of interactive features. Users can create an animated balloon movie by adding their photos to the face of the balloons in the Balloon Theater and even record dialog and reenact the scenes with these balloons. Users can also virtually blow up the balloons by blowing on their iPad and then mold these balloons into animal shapes by swiping the screen and twisting them into balloon characters. There is even a feature that will add a helium effect to a user’s voice.