Jamie Hewlett Makes a ‘Monkey’ Out of Trains


Speaking of being non-British as we were a couple of posts back, here’s a story we caught wind of out of the UK over at Brand Republic: the artist/illustrator behind the music group Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, has designed a whole train with his illustrations, that will ferry people back and forth between London and Manchester for the upcoming Manchester International Festival starting on June 28th. Reason being: he’s also served as the art director for a new opera, Monkey: Journey to the West,” penned by his former roommate and leader of the Gorillaz band they co-founded, Damon Albarn, which will make its debut at the festival. His concepts for the opera will be what graces the face of each car on the track. Here’s a bit about the opera itself:

Manchester International Festival opens on June 28 with the premiere of ‘Monkey: Journey to the West’. An opera conceived and directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, composed by Damon Albarn and designed by Jamie Hewlett.

It will be performed in Mandarin and Hewlett has designed all sets and costumes for the acrobats, musicians, artists and singers that will perform in the piece.