Jamie Foxx, Slate and Blog Synchronicity

Foxxy like a Foxx.jpgIt’s a little early in the day for blog synchronicity, but sometimes that’s how it goes. First, though, Jamie Foxx synchronicity: Whatever you may think of his music/rakish persona, he is clearly a catalyst for hugely enjoyable writing. Both today Kelefa Sanneh the NYT and Jody Rosen Tuesday in Slate have great, scenery-chewing pieces on Foxx’s new album and career (Sanneh on Foxx’s predilection for covering the masters: “If genius loves company, then Mr. Foxx is more than willing to sit nearby and hope something rubs off”; Rosen on his come-hither song stylings: “Ladies, Jamie Foxx is going to make you feel like you never felt before. He is going to work you over… There’ll be puddles in the bed by the time Foxx gets through with you. Girl, the rain is coming.”) Both totally worth a juicy read.

Whence came the blog synchronicity: Slate was just a quick click-through away to a Fishbowl weakness, “Skating With Celebrities,” which takes “Dancing With The Stars” to a new level, as Dana Stevens points out. And therein we have our synchronicity: not only does “Skating With Celebrities” feature Dave Coulier, “Full House” star and unlikely subject of Alanis Morrisette‘s jagged little breakthrough hit, “You Oughta Know” (ding!), but it also features Bruce Jenner, randomly ref’d by GalleyCat’s Ron Hogan this morn, which was in turn ref’d by us (ding!), all before reading Stevens’ piece. Also, Morrissette is Canadian, as was the idea behind Stevens’ new reality show, “Curling With Acquaintances.” Ding, ding, ding.

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