James Victore Likes Pirates As Much As We Do


So we went to James Victore‘s show, Dirty Dishes, at the 14th St Design Within Reach on Thursday, and were totally psyched to see so much about pirates. Apparently that’s (part of) his shtick. For shame, we weren’t wearing our pirate shirt, and, to rub saltwater into the wound, the one skull and crossbones plate that we would have collected our pennies for happened to be the one that had sold by the time we got there.

The show’s pretty cool. Dinner plates up on the walls, each of them markered with whatever James thought was funny or interesting at the time, including a lot of references to things like “Vonnegut’s [REDACTED]” and a fantastic plate that said “I [HEART] NY more than Milton Glaser,” which is a graphic design gauntlet if we’ve ever seen one.

Show’s still up. Small plates $150, big plates $250. Even the one that says $3.49, which still, four days later, has us in a total metaphysical tizzy.