James Rainey Vs. Jillian Reynolds

James Rainey has decided that since Channel 11 laid off a quarter of their news staff, the news bunny/topical exhibitionist Jillian Reynolds should be skewered. She should be ripped on because she’s not one of the “good young people, with energy and dreams” who lost their jobs. She’s a vacuous yammer-o-matic who still has a job. The point being?

Rainey writes:

One could psychoanalyze the roots of her relentless exhibitionism. Reynolds has spoken before about growing up in foster care and suffering sexual abuse. She seemed to grant herself license in the Stern interview by acknowledging she is the “same idiot goofball” she has always been.

But, girl, you’re middle-aged and expecting a second child (as announced on the air this week).

You are working for a station where dedicated newspeople are soon to be out of work and suffering, mostly in silence.

Isn’t it time to grow up, just a little?

So being slutty and shallow is why she’s employed and because other people are now jobless she should not do her schtick? Her gimmick should be paused because of the economy? There are so many reasons to take on mind-numbing televised pseudo-journalism but a personal attack on a personality for still having a job? Not to “psychoanalyze” but that’s just lazy. And self-righteous. And, we never thought we’d say this in the defense of Reynolds – cheap.