James Rainey vs Jill Stewart Continues

Michael Lacy, executive editor of Village Voice Media goes after Marc Cooper and James Rainey for their attacks on Jill Stewart and LA Weekly.

When we dispensed with Cooper’s column, few took note, e-mails did not rain down upon us, the Columbia Journalism Review did not question our judgment. Except for Cooper’s blog, where he bled thousands upon thousands of words about the demise of the Weekly, the world continued apace.

This was actually the second time we have dismissed Mr. Cooper.

When he worked for us at Los Angeles New Times he demanded that Jill Stewart be fired. It was him or Jill.

It was him.

He is not just a bitter, disgruntled former employee; he is all that, squared.

What was Stewart’s offense?

She had dared to expose the fabrications, exaggerations and falsehoods of Los Angeles author Mike Davis, Cooper’s soul mate.

Fun. It’s like the Real Housewives without that “new car smell!”

Read the rest of the piece here.

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