James Patterson’s Newest Book Will Self-Destruct in 24 Hours

Most ridiculous book promo stunt ever?

When you hear the name “James Patterson,” what do you think? We think paperback thrillers and print ads on the subway.

In what has to be 2015’s most ridiculous stunt to date, New York ad agency Mother and marketing/PR firm AGW Group launched a campaign to promote his newest novel, Private Vegas.

First, check out the video:

Well, that was certainly intense…and the offer appears to be real.

A quick visit to Patterson’s homepage reveals the details; even the URL is something of a masterpiece. The person willing to pay exactly $294,038 will get some sort of thrilling experience, while 1,000 lucky readers will receive a free copy of the book in app form…and others will be able to “track participants’ progress in real time,” hoping that they don’t finish it within the 24 hour span and that it “disappears in a cinematic and spectacular way” (ominous!).

Will this campaign fulfill Patterson’s goals to “shake up the marketing aspect of publishing?” We have no idea. But we do love this quote about the odd $294K total, made from Mother Creative Director Paul Malmstrom to our colleage Andrew McMains of Adweek:

“That’s the actual cost [of the campaign]. We added it all up, and that’s the exact sum.”

So it pays for itself!

We love this campaign…but we can’t say that we plan to read the book.