Social Marketing and Consumers: 4 Distribution Strategies That Are Still Effective

Opinion: Does it mean you have to rethink your content distribution strategy?

While creating high-quality content is essential, it won’t do you any good if no one sees it. You have to get it to the right people—your target audience—to attract new customers.
When trying to reach new audiences, you have to keep in mind that the internet is growing fast, more and more marketers are creating content and the human attention span is trailing that of the goldfish. Plus, artificial intelligence has been introduced into the equation, and marketers are still trying to fit it into the chain.
Does it mean you have to rethink your content distribution strategy?
This post aims to answer that question for you. No, I’m not about to introduce “new hacks.” Rather, I’m going to tell you about four proven strategies that will still work in this fast-paced online environment to help attract and retain customers. They will work especially well when they are applied alongside modern systems.

Use of virtual communities

To reach new customers, you need to publish your content where your target audience and buyers are more likely to hang out. With recent research showing that more than one-half of the world’s population currently uses the internet, you can expect this target audience to be online.

But where on the Internet are they hanging out?
One of the most effective distribution strategies is online forums and communities. From to Quora and Reddit to Hacker News, these communities can prove very effective in growing your customer base. They consist of people who share similar interests, and if your content is valuable, you can expect an increase in user engagement and traffic.
Jonathan F. Marshall, a criminal defense lawyer in Monmouth County, N.J., said his firm got involved in discussions within digital communities, where victims of abuse and think tanks shared their stories and experiences. As a result, they were able to acquire new clients:

Because of our involvement in their conversations on these forums, they trusted us with their cases. To us, it didn’t start purely as a marketing strategy until we started seeing the results we got from it.

Start by identifying the right community for your business and assessing how active it is, and then begin engaging with the community. This will help improve your credibility and visibility in the industry, which will, in turn, grow your website traffic and customer base.

Influencer marketing

Using influencers to promote your products and services is no longer new, but it’s still effective. Marketers and business owners have used this tactic to grow their customer bases, and the trend continues to gain popularity. According to stats from Insight Pool, about 54 percent of female consumers are likely to purchase a product or service after seeing it in an influencer’s post.

Further, 88 percent of online consumers say they are likely to trust a product or service reviewed by strangers just as they would if it were recommended by a friend. We can’t deny that using influencers to distribute content is more effective than any other traditional marketing strategy.
In a time when YouTube users skip advertisements and many internet users use ad-block services, influencer marketing will help you reach your personas more effectively. It will provide more exposure and ensure that the message you want to convey is received by the right people keen to make a purchase.

Republishing content on other sites

Like engaging with virtual communities, publishing your content on other sites provides you with an opportunity to reach a wider audience. On your website, you probably already have subscribers and customers loyal to you. But how do you reach new people who might be interested in what you are offering?