James Franco Joins Twitter – And Wants You to Know it’s Really Him!

James Franco has succumbed to the pressure of celebrity and joined Twitter. His rise to national acclaim with his recent film “127 Hours” and its slew of nominations was likely a big factor in his decision to finally sign up for Twitter – and he’s making it very clear that his account is the real deal.

Franco has @jamesfranco as his username, and it’s a Verified Account to boot. However, he is making triply sure that everyone knows it’s him – and not some impostor – behind the keyboard: his first message on Twitter included a link to a video on Whosay that he made especially for his new online presence, and he emphasizes that “all those other [accounts] are impostors…don’t listen to those other pages.”

He has tweeted ten times since signing up on February 18th, mostly with links to pictures of quirky cartoons and this lovely laser-cat piece of art. He also posted a link to the audio recording of a song that has been pulled from the Oscars, for a cool inside perspective on what goes on behind the scenes at the award show.

Franco is following only 13 accounts as of press time, including the Oscar’s @TheAcademy, @ladygaga and @tomhanks.

Franco’s Twitter account is growing quickly. According to TwitterCounter.com, he is adding over 10,000 new followers a day, and they project that he will reach 1,000,000 followers in just 46 days.

He has also created a Facebook page that boasts over 130,000 fans.

It’s always an exciting time in the Twittersphere when a new celebrity joins the tweeting ranks. Are you going to follow James Franco?