James Franco, Jeffrey Deitch to Guest Star on General Hospital*

Don’t know how we missed this. Actor James Franco and MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch are going to be appearing in an upcoming episode of the soap opera General Hospital.
Dana Goodyear of the New Yorker was at the filming:

Last week, James Franco–the actor, artist, poet, and, starting in the fall, Ph.D. candidate in the English department at Yale–staged a piece of performance art at the Pacific Design Center, in Los Angeles, a huge blue-and-green compound on Melrose Avenue. “Soap at MOCA,” it was called–“MOCA” because the Museum of Contemporary Art was hosting it, and “soap” because it was a live taping of “General Hospital,” the show on which Franco has been appearing intermittently since November, playing a deranged performance artist called “Franco.”
Franco–rather, “Franco”–has come to Los Angeles, according to the script, in the hope that the object of his fascination, a Mafia hit man whose murder skills he admires, will follow him. Pay attention to me! “Franco” is saying. With the help of Jeffrey Deitch–the real-life new director of MOCA, who makes a cameo in the episode–“Franco” arranges a show called “Francophrenia” in a large outdoor plaza at the Pacific Design Center. In it, he re-creates, among other things, the scenes of his previous art installations: his gallery in Port Charles, the fictional New York town where “General Hospital” takes place; and his studio, where he once imprisoned a woman in a Lucite box and threatened to kill her in the name of art.
There was no one who was not confused.


Franco…er, James Franco that is, has been on GH before. Here’s a taste of what we’re in for.

*To clarify — after getting some emails from readers — Franco has appeared regularly on General Hospital. What we meant to express was that Jeffrey Deitch and Franco would be guest starring together in an upcoming episode.