James Franco Helps Launch the Museum of Non-Visible Art, Which is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Oh, art. Oh, James Franco. Every time we think we’re done rolling our eyes at you, there you go again. This week marked the launch of the Museum of Non-Visible Art, or the MONA, created by Praxis, the collaborative art team also knows as Brainard and Delia Carey, with a little help from the aforementioned actor-turned-artist. The museum is exactly as it sounds, a space for “non-visible art,” or as they put it, “an extravaganza of imagination.” And, of course, they’ve launched a Kickstarter project to help fund the project, asking to raise $5,000 to create the museum. An included video features both the artists, along with Franco, all simply speaking to the camera in a maddeningly over-exposed setting (art!). Thus far, they’ve raised $11,466. Though when taken apart, they’ve raised one $10,000 donation (wherein the donor will receive the conceptual piece “Fresh Air” which “is like buying an endless tank of oxygen”) and a batch of much smaller amounts making up the remaining $1,466 (at the $25 level, you get a copy of Mr. Franco’s film, Red Leaves, an “imagined short film” by the actor, “based on William Faukner’s short story” of the same name). All donors at higher levels are warned: “When you contribute to this Kickstarter project, you are not buying a visible piece of art! You will not receive a painting or a film or a photograph in your mailbox. What you will receive is something even more fascinating: The opportunity to collaborate in an act of artistic creation.” Fortunately, if you decide to contribute, ArtInfo has learned that the group already has picked up a permanent home for the MONA: “the unrealized downtown Guggenheim.” Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the MONA already exists in that location because we just now put it there in our brains. Double unfortunate: it’s now being attacked by vampires and dragons.