University Professor Recalls a ‘Fearless’ James Foley

JamesFoleyPicIn between Libya and Syria, journalist James Foley spoke in February 2012 at San Diego State University. His February 9 talk with students was part of the series “Understanding the Arab Spring.”

In the wake of Foley’s apparent, horrific execution at the hands of ISIS, SDSU economics professor Hisham Foad has shared with News 10 San Diego reporter Rachel Bianco some memories of this intrepid truth-seeker:

“The story he was telling was like a movie,” Foad recalled. “It was better than a movie almost, going out there, getting captured, his life in captivity.”

Foley spoke about being held captive in Libya for six weeks in the spring of 2011. “They [the students] were just enraptured. He’s a tremendous public speaker, just a really captivating personality, very genuine, very humble.”

Following the February 9 speech, Foley sat down with Foad and several others for dinner. The conversation turned at one point to the topic of whether Foley had any plans to return to war-torn territories. It was obvious says Hoad, from the journalist’s answer, that he was “fearless.” RIP.

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