Edward Linacre’s Airdrop Irrigation Systems Wins James Dyson Award

A new winner of the annual James Dyson Award has been crowned and it’s sure to mean good things for crops (and for the winner). The prize has gone to Australian designer Edward Linacre for his Airdrop Irrigation system, which pulls moisture out of the air and filters it through a network of underground tubes, thus providing needed water for crops in areas suffering from drought. Linacre’s focus was originally on sections of his native country that have suffered through severe dry patches, but winning the Dyson award is sure to help bring it to much wider prominence. Linacre will receive £10,000 for winning, as well as another £10,000 given to the university department at which he works. Here’s his much more detailed explanation of how the Airdrop actually works:

For further reading, as well as another video, here’s a report on the win from the Daily Mail.