A Celebration of Roy Schatt and James Dean

Bonded in the 1950s by the Method.

It was and remains, all these years later, a brief but most potent friendship. From February 1954 until September 1955, Roy Schatt worked with actor James Dean after being named the official photographer of Lee Strasberg’s The Actors Studio. From a Photographer’s Gallery bio:

The Dean pictures are undoubtedly the crowning achievement of Schatt’s career. As he recalled many years later, Schatt was mesmerized from almost the first moment they met: “He was a squinty schlump of a person all bent over. Then Dean suddenly got up and this ugly person became a dream, an Adonis who started to dance around the room. It was a transition I couldn’t believe.” Dean studied photography with Schatt and they became close friends.

An exhibit of more than 50 of the late Schatt’s photographs, of Dean and others, is on display at the Westwood Gallery on Broadway through June 6. Representatives of the gallery will also be on hand at this weekend’s Art Miami New York, touting the great work of Schatt and others from a booth on Pier 94.

The photos, which also encompass some snaps taken by Dean, were curated by James Cavello. Other featured celebrities in the exhibit include Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, John Cassavetes, Dorothy Parker and Marlene Dietrich.

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