CNN Reporter Reels In James Cameron Scoop

The Internet was replete this week with details about James Cameron’s latest real-life adventure. But only CNN national correspondent Jason Carroll was able to provide ship-deck details about the Avatar maestro’s imminent 36,000-foot deep sea dive.

In addition to great shots of Cameron’s neon green submersible DeepSea Challenge and ship the Mermaid Sapphire, Carroll relayed insight about how the filmmaker will be initially impacted by his descent to the Mariana Trench. Explained Cameron:

“Here we are at the Equator, super hot and humid… The temperature will spike up to sauna heat when you first close the hatch, then the temperature slowly falls to Arctic conditions, to freezing. And you have to layer up as you go through the dive, and it’s such a constricted space.”

A hardy, courageous king of two worlds.

Update – 03/23/12: If the weather cooperates, Cameron will be making his dive this weekend. National Geograpich shares many more fascinating details about this one-of-a-kind mission.

Update – 03/26/12: Mission accomplished!