James Cameron, Discovery Channel Targeted by Donald Wildmon


Seething with jealousy over William Donahue’s victory over feminist bloggers, fellow religious crackpot Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association have taken on The Discovery Channel and James Cameron over The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

The documentary investigates ossuaries (bone boxes) discovered in Jerusalem that have inscriptions allegedly relating to Jesus. The film also reveals new evidence that throws light on Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene, with cheesy recreations. Cameron is the EP, not the director, so no danger of Jesus looking like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wildmon (we can’t get over the aptness of that name) is launching another email attack:

It is time for Christians to send a message to The Discovery Channel and Hollywood that enough is enough! Don’t stay silent while The Discovery Channel and Hollywood continually attack our faith and our values.

You can’t buy advertising like this.

Wildmon is also very distressed about magazine covers at the supermarket, Ford Motors, and Disney.