James Cameron Is King of the CinemaCon World

In Las Vegas, filmmaker ups the Avatar sequels ante.

All week, entertainment reporters in Las Vegas for the annual CinemaCon convention of movie theater owners and operators have been simultaneously tweeting out highlights from each of the big, successive studio presentations. Yesterday’s marquee news was that Warren Beatty is finally getting ready to release his long-gestating Howard Hughes movie and may also crank out, of all things, a Dick Tracy sequel.

Today, James Cameron has Beatty handily beat with the revelation that there will now be four Avatar sequels, reaching all the way to 2023. There are definitely many more than five different ways to slice up the Twitter avatar reactions. We’ve glommed on to one particular strand and the thoughts of, in order: The Atlantic’s associate editor, culture; the author of the novel Pro-Apocalypse; and New York indie listings magazine editor and publisher Jon Dieringer.




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