Happy Anniversary, Agent Double Uh-Oh Seven

Did you know more than a thousand bloopers have been thrown down at the feet of James Bond over the course of his sexy, six-actor adventures?

Neither did we. But on the occasion of today’s 50th anniversary of the gargantuan film franchise, moviemistakes.com webmaster Jon Sandys was kind enough to remind FishbowlLA of that fact, from his home office in Guilford, UK. He’s posted a great re-compilation of Agent 007 (mostly continuity) gaffes.

We asked Sandys to highlight a few of his personal favorites:

The Man with the Golden Gun: “Bond’s fighting with a bad guy, and in the course of the struggle they knock a mirror out of place. Its position shifts to perfectly reflect all the film crew standing there watching the fight.”

Diamonds are Forever: “There’s a car chase where Bond puts the car up on two wheels to fit through a narrow alleyway. It goes in tipped on its right side, then emerges magically tipped on its left.”

Goldeneye: “A favorite largely because it’s tricky to spot, but rewards the eagle-eyed! At the start before Bond jumps off the dam, we see him run to the middle, and the top of the dam is completely empty. Then when we cut to a wide shot as he jumps, briefly at the top of the screen before the camera pans down we can see a couple of vehicles parked there.”

On a related note, FishbowlLA has always loved the notion that the first Bond movie was almost released in Japan under the title We Don’t Need a Doctor. Who knew 007 was so… human?