Jamal Simmons Wants $40 for 40 Kids

Jamal Simmons has a birthday wish: “$40 for 40 kids,” says an email invitation.  Sounds a little fishy, right?  At we first we thought CNN and CBS contributor was wrapped up in some wacky child labor or human trafficking ring.  But who would e-vite their friends to participate in organized crime?  So we read on.

The reality is Simmons is celebrating his 40th birthday with a party at 9th Street’s Mood Lounge this weekend.  In lieu of gifts, the pundit is asking guests to make a $40 donation to Detroit’s Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation, an annual program that awards 40 Michigan high school seniors $2,000 scholarships.  Ah, that’s better.  Happy birthday to Jamal!  You can support his cause here.