Founder Segues to Online Coupon Game

It seems like only a matter of time before some out-of-work journalist fashions an online coupon site for his fellow Fifth Estate flounderers. And why not? is throwing $175 million at; Google is buying for an absolutely obscene amount. And now comes news that the LA founder of, Jake Winebaum, has got $5.75 million for yet another online coupon enterprise,

There may be no better a poster boy for the transition of the web from a once highly touted B2B arena to the current sea of ubiquitous B2C. To wit:

Winebaum left in February 2008 after R.H. Donnelley – now Dex One – bought the website for a whopping $345 million in July 2007. Just last month, Dex One disclosed it would phase out as it struggles to survive in the rapidly changing Yellow Pages and interactive advertising market.

Among those joining Winebaum at to head up content and merchandising is Elizabeth Hurchalla. She was previously editor of BlackboardEats and co-founding producer of Yahoo! Food. Once upon a time, the domain name sold for more than what Winebaum now has to work with – $8 million.