ABC’s Tapper, Scott Kelley (As in Jill Kelley’s Hubby) Are Fraternity Brothers From Dartmouth Days

It turns out ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper is loosely tied to the sex scandal surrounding Gen. David Petraeus. “True story: Jill Kelley’s husband Scott was in my fraternity,” Tapper tweeted this morning with the hashtags #Dartmouth and #AlphaChi.

Jill Kelley is the woman presumably responsible for Petraeus’ extramarital affair being made public.

Dartmouth, where Tapper and Scott Kelley, now a cancer surgeon, attended college, is home to the now-infamous Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. That’s the one that made headlines this year after one of the brothers wrote a column for the student paper about all the nasty and foul hazing that goes on there.

Alpha Chi Alpha, the fraternity Tapper and Kelley belonged to, have some of the same hazing methods, according to a story published in Business Insider. The difference: Alpha Chi’s hazing methods are supposedly optional.

See a picture of the lovely couple, Scott and Jill….

An excerpt from the Business Insider story, written by Gus Lubin, who says he pledged Alpha Chi:

“At AXA we encouraged pledges to join us in a culture that involved drinking all the time, ‘booting and rallying,’ drinking until you ‘hosed’ yourself, consuming disgusting things, being drunk in public and feuding with other fraternities, often in ways that led to people getting arrested.

“I repeat: We encouraged pledges to join in these activities. Being hazed was optional. I know it was a real option because several people every year chose not to participate. Some even pledged without drinking because they were on a sports team or—shock—wanted to focus on academics.”

A description of Alpha Chi Alpha written on Dartmouth’s website (seeming by the fraternity’s members and not the school’s PR department) may be even more telling: “New members proudly wear ‘Big Johnson’ and ‘Coed-naked’ t-shirts left over from the ’90’s, while seasoned Alpha Chi’s don clothing ranging from the rage glove to the ever popular rage sombrero. Rumor has it these boys love to rage, too. With free-flowin’ hedonistic soirees such as the ORIGINAL Beach Party, annual Pigstick, and Christmas in July.” It also says Alpha Chi Alpha provides “an atmosphere of debauchery and licentiousness.”

If only we had the photos of a “hedonistic” Tapper attending the “annual Pigstick” with all of its “debauchery and licentiousness.”

To Tapper’s tweet, one follower said, “Dear Lord. Please no Tapper Shirtless pics.” Tapper replied, “Tempted to send you one just for that rude eruption!!!”