The Insanity of YouTube: Kate Upton Considering LA Teen’s High School Prom Invitation

Are you sitting down? And if you’re a male teen, can you accept the fact that no, you should not have thought of this first?

In what is even by today’s va-va-voom viral standards a mind-boggling progression, Jake Davidson – a senior at Milken Community High School in Bel Air – has gone from posting a humorous Kate Upton prom invitation on YouTube March 16, to receiving a “maybe” reply from the supermodel via Twitter on Tuesday, to appearing this morning on The Today Show. With Upton joining in via telephone!

Milken alumni include former LA Galaxy player Benjamin Benditson and comedian Amir Blumenfeld. But in one fell YouTube swoop – before graduation – Davidson has done more for his future Alma Mater than those two and the rest of the student body combined.

The big night is May 23. If Upton does indeed accompany Davidson, he will owe a very big thank you to family friend and USC film student Talia Myers, who shot the video.*

*Update – 03/21/13: A reader has let us know that Myers is also an alumnus of Milken Community High School. Class of 2011.