JaJah and MobileTribe team up to connect 300 million people

Jajah has definitely emerged as one of the world’s innovative global communication service company despite being fairly new in the business. I’ve been reading a lot of press hype here and there covering Jajah for the past couple of months. The most recent of which is the integration of MobileTribe, a service-based application that gives people access to their online social network through their mobile phones.

MobileTribe is a revolutionary mobile-based serviced which has successfully aggregated major social communities including Yahoo!, MySpace and Facebook on mobile devices. It provides users with rich content and value added services including messaging, alerts, Yahoo! Email and of course most recently, JaJah phone calls.

The integration of Jajah and MobileTribe will definitely enrich real-time communications between friends among social communities. Aside from bridging the communication between friends.

Using MobileTribe’s application is simply done by calling 650-557-4690 on any mobile phone to receive a SMS which contains a download link. Or you can simply point your mobile phone’s browser to m.mobiletribe.net. And with Jajah integrated into MobileTribe, users simply have to choose who they want to call by clicking on their names in the MobileTribe site.

Did we say that mobile social networking is another wave of the web 2.0 world? Mobile based services such as Jajah and MobileTribe helps in making this happen.

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