Jackass Gets More Social

jackassGet your wacky antics ready, the adult clowns who make up the Jackass team (you know, the dudes who are unafraid of snakes, heights or feces) have launched a social network for the franchise’s followersWith three movies already in the can – Jackass 2.5 went straight to Web – there are no signs that the brand is slowing down.

Bring on Jackass World!

Not only can you keep up with Steve-O’s (perhaps best known for stapling his ball sack to his inner thigh) rehab stint, you can create a profile, upload photos and videos and communicate with the official Jackass gang.
Friends, guestbooks, micro communities and a list of recent activities round out the social network.

There’s nothing new and groundbreaking here, but it is a venue for people with a wild side to meet up. It’s also a must-visit destination for hardcore fans of the show. Here you’ll find exclusive videos and a two-way conversation with Jackass team members. Available in 14 languages, the world can be revolted and amazed at the same time.

Owned by MTV Networks, the Website appears surprisingly uncensored, short of nudity.

According to an interview with BANG Showbiz, Chris Pontius one of the Jackass clan, says that fans can expect a Jackass 3 in the not so distant future.

My stomach is queasy just thinking about it. But like and good train wreck, no one can look away.