Jack Shafer in Slate names LA Times All-Stars


Writing in Slate, Jack Shafer picks out those LA Times writers he considers to be “the most talented journalists” who might jump ship, if the Tribune keeps hacking away at the paper’s mandate and budget.

And there’s a big list, including Pulitzer winners Dan Neil, Carolyn Cole, Charles Ornstein, and a raft of other names.

What’s interesting to FBLA is that there’s no one on the list from the Calendar section, except for Christopher Hawthorne, the architecture critic. No one who covers hows biz–Kim Christensen covers entertainment, but in the Business section. No food writers, no fashion writers, no trend spotters, no interesting interviewers.

So, we asked Shafer why no Calendar writers and here’s the response:

Because my diet of five daily newspapers does not allow me to read the Calendar section as deeply as I might like. In my sign off I asked readers to nominate LATimes writers they think are all-stars; I posted all the names I received by twoish on Saturday.

There weren’t any responses, and while we think Shafer’s response is distinctively guy-ville, we also think that he’s not wrong. No stars in Calendar’s sky.