Jack Myers Calls On Fans To Save Studio 60


On the heels of Jericho‘s surprising resurrection, MediaVillage.com’s president and CEO Jack Myers, in an odd move, is calling for fans of the cancelled Studio 60 on Sunset Strip to stand up and fight for the reinstatement of Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and the rest of the gang. Myers argues that the show was “one of the last true politically relevant series on network television” and “offered perspective from opposing political points-of-view.”

For now, Myers urges people to head to his site and log their protests, but 25 tons of peanuts can’t be far behind.

TV fan site MediaVillage.com encourages Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip fans to help spread the word and campaign to revive the cancelled[sic] show on NBC for another season.

“While Studio 60 had its problems, it remained one of the last true politically relevant series on network television,” said MediaVillage President and CEO Jack Myers. “It offered perspective from opposing political points-of-view. It acknowledged, fairly but with tacit judgment, the arguments that define many of America’s greatest issues and most important conflicts.”

Fans of Jericho quickly responded to CBS’ decision to cancel their beloved show by garnering the support of fellow fans to create a campaign to resurrect the show. The outpouring of support resulted in CBS’ decision to order an eight-episode run of Jericho for mid-season next year.

MediaVillage is taking action to get the word out to Studio 60 fans to try to save this intelligently written political commentary and fictional narrative from cancellation.

To read Jack Myers’ commentary on why Studio 60 deserves to be saved and add your comments to show your support, check out MediaVillage.com.