Jack Griffin Forced Out at Time Inc.

Jack Griffin – who only came aboard at Time Inc. in August – was fired late last night. In what was an unually harsh internal memo, Jeffrey L. Bewkes, CEO of Time’s parent company Time Warner, said, “I concluded that his leadership style and approach did not mesh with Time Inc. and Time Warner.”

The reasons for the swift change seem to be plenty. Jeremy Peters says when Griffin implemented changes – such as separating the news and sports groups –  it was met with resistance from other executives. Griffin also insisted every single Time publication masthead carry his name first, which FishbowlNY thinks is an especially nice touch.

Then there was the fact that Griffin was a devout Catholic, and would often reference his faith, making other employees uncomfortable.

There’s actually more, but there’s no need to list it all. One thing we would like to know: Did Time actually interview Griffin? Did Bewkes, taking a page from say – Duane Reade when they hire a new cashier – actually speak face to face with the man? Because if he did, and he didn’t realize Griffin’s style wouldn’t “mesh” with the company, maybe it’s time to change the interviewing process.