Co-Founder And Former CEO Jack Dorsey Is Now Working Just One Afternoon A Week At Twitter

Over on his Tumblr blog, Twitter co-founder, former CEO and, currently, Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey has responded to The New York Times piece we covered yesterday, which proposed that Dorsey had taken a reduced role at Twitter, Inc.

His response? It’s true, he has stepped back at Twitter. Quite a bit, in fact – he only works Tuesday afternoons.

Dorsey explains that his arrangement with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was always intended to be an interim, operational role, and once things were back on track, he would return to focusing the bulk of his time on his other startup, Square, where he’s CEO.

In Spring of 2011, Dick asked me to take an operational role overseeing product, design, and brand. Our shared goal was to get those organizations back under him as soon as possible, simply because it was the right thing to do for the company. We moved all of my reports back under him in January of this year after leadership was firmly in place. This allowed me to focus on refining our brand and logo, to work more with Dick and the leadership team on our direction forward, and ultimately return the majority of my time to Square, where I’m CEO. I’m back to going to Twitter on Tuesday afternoons, something I started before taking the interim operational role.

We haven’t talked about this publicly because it’s not what people using Twitter every day care about.

So there you go. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether there’s any merit in that closing line or if it’s a purely reactive statement. Jack’s still Executive Chairman, by all accounts – at least, that’s what it says on his Twitter bio – but, however you look at it, Twitter sure doesn’t seem to be getting much bang for their buck.