Jack Daniel’s Facebook ads rock in Brazil: extremely low cost per engagement

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The most iconic brand in whiskey, Jack Daniel’s, drives amazing engagement worldwide.

In Brazil, they show different content than they do in the United States.

And it rocks (no pun intended).


There are now 86 million people in Brazil on Facebook — triple what we saw two years ago.

Compare that to 178 million people in the United States on Facebook, who we can target with ads.

We see there are 600,000 folks in Brazil of minimum drinking age that like scotch whiskey or whiskey.

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Plenty big audience to target.

Normally we’d advise adding a friend of fan connection target to increase social proof and engagement rates.

Yet, the engagement rate is so high that the cost per engagement is showing is barely noticeable.

Part of this is the low CPM, especially when you mix in RHS (Right Hand Side) with News Feed placements.

And using the ever-improved optimized CPM bidding, Facebook does a lot of the work for us.

Not all engagement is the same.

Comments and shares are worth more than a post like.

And photo views don’t generate stories in the News Feed of friends.

The team at Brown-Forman (parent company of Jack Daniel’s) has placed greater focus on engagement, zeroing in on key audiences.

Luke Elliott – Digital Marketing Manager – Latin America at Brown-Forman

“We’re particularly interested in knowing that the content our fans find interesting can be viewed front-and-center. We enjoy a fantastic fan base, and we work to be sure we are delivering to places where folks are engaging with our brands, both online and offline” says Luke Elliott, of the LatAm Digital Marketing Team.


Certainly you could use optimized CPM and bid for action types, if you wanted.

Lessons for CPG brands

  • Try different photos to see what works best. Time of day matters, too.  Showing a picture of the bottle works great for Jack Daniel’s. What works in one country will be different in another. Spanish and Portuguese posts take 30% more characters than to say the same thing in English.
  • Make sure you have a balanced funnel strategy. If you run fan acquisition campaigns, make sure to have engagement campaigns on at the same time to nurture these new fans.
  • Optimized CPM works. Just use it. Facebook’s algorithms are so smart that they will automatically find who is most likely to engage. Only certain direct marketers can get away with CPC bidding.
  • Keep the pilot light on.  We advocate an “always on” strategy to have steady, lightweight engagement over time. If you have ads that are all on or all off, likely due to product launches and campaign planning cycles, your social relationships will not be as strong.

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