Jack Black's Band Uses Facebook To Connect With Fans

Today at noon Eastern Standard Time, actor and comedian Jack Black will appear with his Tenacious D bandmates on "Guitarings," a web show with an exemplary Facebook page.

Musicians can learn a thing or two about using Facebook to interact with fans by following the lead of Tenacious D bandmates Kyle Gass and John Konesky, hosts of the web show “Guitarings.”

Tenacious D is also known for its famous founding member, comedian and actor Jack Black.

Gass and Konesky host the regular web show for aspiring musicians and guitar enthusiasts.

The pair use the “Guitarings” Facebook page to connect and communicate with their fans, which number around 2,700. The web show is produced by FRET12.

The close-knit “Guitarings” community uses Facebook to interact with the pair in a number of ways:

  • The show’s Facebook page runs personalized videos that answer fan questions and offer guitar tips (one video actually helped a fan win a bet against his duck-molesting friends);
  • The show has held Skype video sessions with select Facebook fans;
  • Guitarings fans have weighed in on the show’s next t-shirt design;
  • Graphical and video tributes to the show are posted on the Facebook page, enabling fans and the hosts to comment;

Past Guitarings shows are archived on Facebook, though representatives of the show say they are looking at livestreaming the program on Facebook in the future.

And today at noon Eastern Standard Time, Black will appear with his Tenacious D band mates on “Guitarings.”

Do you use Facebook to interact with your favorite band?