Pondering Jack Black’s Giant Penis

Strange things are bound to happen when a freelance travel reporter sets sail for the Bermuda Triangle. But quite frankly, FBLA was completely unprepared for the scene about a third of the way through Gulliver’s Travels that sees Jack Black whip out his privates and dangle them off-screen, for an extended period of time, above Lilliput’s citizenry.

While the 20th Century Fox family film showcases a remixed version of Jonathan Swift’s fabled kingdom, the basic big-person-little-people ratio remains the same. Ergo, viewed from below, the manhood of our moonlighting mailroom clerk Lemuel Gulliver would be the equivalent of a small dirigible.

We can’t go into more detail without spoiling the scene in question. Suffice to say that it amounts to a very John Waters moment in a Rob Letterman film (Monsters vs. Aliens, Shark Tale), shocking both for the lack of direct reaction by the Lilliput locals and the narrative function that the appendage serves.

There are a lot of penis jokes in Little Fockers, Hollywood’s other big holiday film, and Black’s principal male co-star is Jason Segel, who got things roiling in this department with his work in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Still, the lengths to which Letterman is willing to go with the JB-penis scene stretch credulity almost as much as the freelance reporter travel budgets thrown around by Amanda Peet’s newspaper section editor.