Jack Bauer Takes Our DVD Collection Hostage

In case you spent the weekend under a rock or captured by Chinese terrorists, Season 6 of 24 kicked off with a two-day, four-hour spectacular. Jack Bauer hopefully shaved, then probably killed some dudes. We didn’t get to watch, as we were too busy celebrating the Patriots epic victory.

However, the marketing geniuses over at Fox understand that people have lives revolving around something other than America’s favorite freedom fighter. In an effort to attract potential fans who missed the debut, a DVD featuring the first four hours is being released today, a mere one day after the show. The selling point for those who watched over the weekend will be the twelve-minute preview of hour five — almost one-fourth of the episode.

While this may seem like a knee-jerk reaction to combat bootleggers and downloaders who made the first part of Season 6 available online before this weekend, the plan has been in place since November — long before the leaks.

For what it’s worth, we bet technogeek and all-around badass Chloe is spearheading the project.

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