Jack Abramoff: Role Model

Not sure who in the world scheduled this appearance, but racist, arbiter of public corruption and convicted felon Jack Abramoff was at Beverly Hills High yesterday to plug his new memoir Capitol Punishment. The LA Times’ Stephen Ceasar was at the event and penned this nausea-inducing graph:

[Abrmoff] spoke of his time as a powerful lobbyist with ties to Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill, commanding rates of as much as $150,000 a month from a single client, which drew “oohs” from the teenagers.

How was this asshole allowed to come anywhere near children wearing anything other than prison blues? Well, Abramoff is a Beverly Hills High grad, you see. And…he’s turned his life around…or something, and become, according to the Times, “an unlikely foe of the role and influence of special interests in Washington.”

Um, yeah. Unlikely sounds about right.

I’m sure those students really took Abramoff’s “crime doesn’t pay” speech to heart. That’s right kids, don’t live a life of sociopathic greed, defraud historically impoverished people, and live like a rap star for decades–because there’s an (albeit slim) chance you’ll go to prison for a couple of years and go on a lavish book tour when you get out.