J8l Update

Updating a post from last week, The Hill has word that the squabble between former Times doyenne Jennifer 8 Lee and her former landlord Beth Solomon is about to spill over into the courts.

Solomon is readying a suit alleging $60,000 to Lee’s Shaw apartment between January `03 and August `04, which came fully furnished:

Among the damage alleged in the complaint is destruction of flooring, some subfloor areas and kitchen cabinets, resulting in full replacement; stains on wall-hanging artwork, rugs and all living-room furniture; a broken tabletop; damage to an heirloom baby grand piano; and missing kitchen items.

In addition to damage to the apartment and its furnishing, Solomon’s fellow condo owners complained about Lee’s parties, citing instances of beer raining “down onto us,” the walls of the building “shaking” due to the number of people in the building, and party guests relieving themselves wherever the spirit moved them.

As The Hill notes, talks have broken down and Solomon has withdrawn an offer to settle for $20,000. For her part, Lee’s attorney, Larry Bank, told The Hill, “I think [Lee] is less responsible” for the damage than alleged. “I think Beth Solomon had existing conditions and she put them off on Jenny.”

Semi-Unrelated Note: Fishbowl is disturbed that everytime we enter “Jennifer 8 Lee” into Google, the top result is a page entitled, “Don’t Mess with the Sock Monkey.” Just who exactly is the sock monkey and what does it have to do with J8L?