J-Mart Hates Fox News

We’ve noticed that Politico senior political writer Jonathan Martin has a growing, strange obsession with dinging Fox News. We know Politico has an upcoming GOP presidential debate they’re co-sponsoring with NBC, so there’s a clear affinity to NBC over Fox News. We also feel strongly in declaring that Martin isn’t looking for a spot on the Fox & Friends couch anytime soon.

Here are just 12 examples.

Sept. 28: So is this the Fox reax to POTUS criticism? Hed: “President of the United States Loves Gangsta Rap.”

Oct. 3: @jmartpolitico: Has anybody ever wondered why fox matches two righties with centrists or straight journos?

April 18: Most notable part of Ailes/Gawker item may be the signature News Corp pushback: AFTER a story runs. http://gaw.kr/hJP514

June 12: How does this get on air? RT: @Goldberg3000 Fox Business, unabashedly racist: http://tinyurl.com/3g4dejp

Aug. 26: Steve Doocy proves @carr2n point about Fox&Friends as Ailes dirty-work-doers, Vol III, Chapter IV http://gawker.com/5834758/

Jan. 29: Doocy doesn’t just do Fox dirty work against other journos but PR outfits, too! And w/ same foto-on-screen tactic. http://bit.ly/h0ymzg

Sept. 27: How can Fox cover ’12 candidates they’re paying? Our piece – http://politi.co/9kA3jK

Jan. 26: Really, Fox? Steve Doocy is reading @benpolitico blog comments on air this am. Not kidding.

March 3: How Fox is more a campaign than news org, vol IV, chapter 17: they refuse to talk to nyt, make @brianstelter use LAT intvu.

April 17: If fox is really interested in being fair why don’t they have Dems on panels? Actually folks who’ve worked/currently work in politics.

Oct. 25: Fox loves covering Fox RT @davidfolkenflik: V Schiller ambushed again by Fox producers on street. By my unofficial count: it’s the 3rd time.

Dec. 4: Prominent righty admits Fox is not fair’n’balanced but a leader of the opposition to liberalism – http://on.wsj.com/enzBOZ

We’ve requested an explanation from Martin.

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