J.Lo Feeling the Sting of a Horrendous AMA Performance

How many ways was Jennifer Lopez’s performance on last night’s American Music Awards a crazy hot mess?

First, she’s a spokesperson for Fiat and and had one of the little buggies on stage with her during her performance. Questlove from The Roots and John Legend ripped her for that on Twitter. The Los Angeles Times called it “cringe-inducing” and The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog called the performance “a car ad.” Celebrity endorsements have to be strategic and this was just blatant and tacky.

Speaking of tacky, then she stripped down to a wannabe Britney Spears sparkle bodysuit. So derivative and unnecessary. Robin Givhan shreds the costume on The Daily Beast.

“…Lopez has always gone a step further in recognizing the role fashion can play in crafting a public image and transforming a pretty actress into one tilting at iconic status,” the story says. So we’ll declare this a wardrobe malfunction.

Lastly, the songs are so painful. I’m not exactly the hippest music chick on the block, but this is just straight-up synthesized musical mud with Pitbull and Cirque du Soleil thrown in. Is it even a song if all you do is say the same phrase 750 times? On the floor, yes, I get it. Dancing on the floor.

Earlier this year, The New York Times did a story about J.Lo’s evolution. At the time, we thought the reinvention was more marketing than reality.

“It all just seems like grasping at celebrity straws, seeing what works with the audience and going with it,” we said.

Now we’re convinced she’s not even trying anymore, willing to do whatever it takes for screen time and sponsorship dollars, ultimately diluting her reputation into a filmy broth that’s as appealing as that dumb bodysuit she wore last night.

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