J.J. Abrams Surprise Plot Twist

th-JJAbrams,d_Kambo_8492270_400.jpg J.J. Abrams, the mastermind behind “Alias” and “Lost,” signed extremely lucrative deals with Warner Bros. Television and Paramount Pictures late last week that are collectively worth approximately $60 million. At the last minute, WB poached Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions from Touchstone Television, where the writer-director-producer had been since 1997. And Brad Grey and Gail Berman were apparently impressed enough with Abrams’ management of Mission: Impossible III, which he co-wrote and directed, that they locked him in for the next five years.

th-BradGrey_Cohen_8504473_400.jpgSo now we know the Paramount strategy: With M:I:iii star Tom Cruise getting shunned around town and his producing deal there about to expire, the studio has hedged its bets by recruiting the reigning cross-platform Hollywood talent.

Suddenly Brad Grey looks very smart.