J. Austin and Spong PR Would Like You to Stop Calling Them About Walter Palmer

Who is repping today's most toxic client?

The relationship between Minneapolis firm J. Austin & Associates and Cecil the Lion killer Walter Palmer lasted exactly one day.

It would seem, based on this Twitter statement from CEO Jon Austin, that the only work the firm did for Palmer was to issue his non-apology to media outlets:

What’s not clear at the moment is which firm Austin is referencing in that statement.

It’s also not clear why someone at Palmer’s office posted a sign referring all related queries to Minneapolis agency Spong PR, which clarified on Tuesday that he was not a client:

Certainly looks like Spong dropped Palmer. It would also seem that one unlucky local business has been receiving more than its share of angry phone calls from Cecil fans:

We hope Mr. Austin has contacted Merchant Circle to let them know about the inaccurate listing.

Palmer’s latest statement, delivered to his dental practice’s patients yesterday, simply elaborates on the quote distributed by Austin and the unnamed firm. (The business also wisely deleted its Facebook page and its website.)

So who IS representing Mr. Palmer at the moment? The answer, according to that most reliable of sources TMZ, is…the Eden Prarie, Minnesota police department.

Surely someone will take on this toxic client.

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