J.A. Konrath Criticizes Penguin’s Book Country

Earlier this week, Penguin announced that its social networking site for writers has added a self-publishing feature, but not everyone is recommending it.

Best selling self-published author J.A. Konrath has written a blog post warning new writers who are considering self-publishing to consider other routes. In the post, he warns writers about Book Country’s fees for formatting eBooks and the cost for uploading these eBooks to retail stores.

He writes: “Why would you pay Penguin to upload your titles? That’s the easiest part of the self-publishing process. But wait, there’s more. Penguin also keeps 30% of your royalties. So not only do you pay them, you also keep paying them.”

In the post he advises young writers of less expensive or flat out free ways to get your eBook formatted and submitted to eBook retailers. Konrath punctuates his point with dollars and cents. He goes on: “These people charge a flat fee and you keep all of your rights. Which means that when you upload to Amazon.com and sell an ebook for $2.99, you keep $2.05, not the $1.47 Book Country gives you. And trust me. That adds up.
I’ve sold 500,000 ebooks. If I’d published with Book Country, they would have taken $290,000 in royalties from me. That’s just awful.”