iwi's SuperFun Town on Facebook Goes From 1000 to 1M Users In A Month

It seems the audience on Facebook can’t get enough of city building games. The latest addition to the plethora of town building games comes from iwi. The concept? To let players build the town of their dreams. Built on a 2.5D engine, SuperFun Town offers a lot of what we have seen in the past but with enticing new additions. The game is currently at 1.1 million users and seeing solid growth. Read more after the jump.

Players are initially given a piece of estate with a farm house and 4 fields they can harvest and collect from. The town attracts residents which travel on roads and arrive at the single bus stop available in the beginning. Players have to quickly build homes for these residents although only one type of home, a hut, is available in the beginning. The bus arrives periodically and players are given enough money to start with to accommodate for the new arrivals.

The core metrics of the game focus on gaining residents and making money. Players can plant items in the field which have varying maturation periods. Collecting money and performing certain actions grants players XP, allowing them to progressively level up, which is accompanied by cool animations that unveil what will be available for users to build. Players have access to Trailer Parks, a variety of shops, public utility places such as Fire Stations and more. Players can also build factories that let players take contracts and earn income.

The game puts a strong emphasis on customization by allowing users to paint homes and personalize the landscape using land tiles, hedges, paths and even rivers. There are plenty of social features available as well that endow the player with the ability to house their Facebook friends that increases the income earned from that particular building. Friends can also gift each other, specifically the workers in their town.

“SuperFun Town lets players get creative to build the town of their dreams” said Tom Newton, Head of iwi, “…and with over 400m users, Facebook is the perfect platform for friends to interact through SuperFun Town.”

This is the third game from iwi, adding to Bingo.net and World Keepie Uppie Cup, both of which are on Facebook. Overall the game is appealing and easy to follow but is struggling from performance issues. Despite minor setbacks, the app climbed from 2000 MAUs to 1.2 MMAUs within one month and should continue to see success.