iWatch News Launches Today

Today marks the launch of the Center for Public Integrity’s new project: a free investigative news website updated daily.

iWatch News will feature stories on money and politics, health care, national security, government accountability and, of course, waste, fraud and abuse. The site already features an in-depth series on sexual assault on college campuses and the lack of law enforcement and consequences for sex offenders. We’re told to expect “deep-dig stories” on Medicare fraud and transparency in state governments in the near future. They plan to publish around 15 major reports every year.

The site will also feature daily original reporting and fact checking. CPI Director of Communications Randy Barrett told FishbowlDC: “Too often bogus ‘facts’ become accepted ‘truth’ simply by being repeated often enough. We want to shoot that down.”

“Quality investigative reporting is increasingly rare,” CPI’s executive director William E. Buzenberg said in a statement. Barrett echoed that: “You used to see this kind of [investigative] coverage often in…newspapers. Not anymore. We want to fill that vacuum.”

CPI is a non-partisan nonprofit, and accepts donations from individuals and foundations. They hope to also raise money later this spring with a digital edition available to annual subscribers.