iVillage: Women Not Giving Thanks for Family Drama

Passing the cranberry sauce apparently doesn’t lead to passing up the family drama, as the iVillage Thanksgiving Poll found that 68 percent of respondents expect some sort of confrontation before dessert, and one in 10 said they are “dreading” Thanksgiving Day.

Who is to blame? In-laws were named by 57 percent of respondents who weren’t hosting the holiday dinner, while 50 percent of non-hosts expected drama to be caused by their mother, sister, brother, father, or children.

The economy reared its ugly head in the survey by the NBC Universal-owned destination for women, as well, with 41 percent of respondents saying they were looking to cut costs while preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

iVillage chief correspondent Kelly Wallace said:

When families come together, sometimes feuds are just inevitable. We know what women are buzzing about, and the family tension that comes along with the upcoming holidays is a definite pressure point on our message boards. Our audience has come to rely on us for the tools, expert advice, and support sometimes needed to help cope with the emotional minefield these gatherings can be for some.