I’ve Never Felt So Good About Not Getting The Job

Not getting the job sucks big time, but a rude hiring manager can make the experience even worse. We’ve all experienced it: the resume “black hole,” rudeness, lack of feedback, and more.

The employment manager of a professional association, in contrast, does what we wish all hiring managers would do, according to the HR director who watches her work:

Be responsive. Respond to all inquiries promptly.
Share information. Let candidates know where you are in the progress and explain delays. Personally contact every candidate that was interviewed to provide closure. When you inform a candidate that someone else has been selected, describe the successful candidates unique qualifications. Provide thoughtful feedback to candidates that request it.
Be respectful. Realize that unsuccessful candidates are likely to be embarrassed and disappointed.
Stay in touch. If you think a candidate is a good fit for your organization, encourage them to apply for other vacancies as they arise.

Candidates have said that when they’re done talking to this woman, “they have never felt so good about not getting a job.” How sweet.

Whatever happens, though, HR should not do this. Ouch.