Ivanka Trump and ConAgra: Why Not?

A reader has filled us in on Ivanka Trump’s latest money making endorsement deal. However this one is not for a hot luxury product or The Apprentice, but rather packaged food giant ConAgra.

Says our source, “Even someone like Ivanka, the goddess of money, has cashed in for a PR deal with ConAgra Foods. Looks like the economy is hitting everyone hard. Daddy would be so proud.”

What exactly Trump is promoting is hard to tell at first, but it does involve a loose tie in that with the bad economy more workers are bringing their lunch to work. Really what it will be is a promotion for “Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, available in varieties like Szechwan Beef and Southwestern Chicken, and they can be stored in a desk for up to a year with no refrigeration required,” according to Stephanie Clifford at the NY Times. Yum or barf? You decide.

After the jump, the pitch that got this faux story in the NY Times, AdAge, Adrants, Jossip and fittingly, Product Placement News.

On October 21, Ivanka Trump is partnering with ConAgra to change the way people think about working through lunch and offering employees at some of NYC’s and Chicago’s top businesses a “Lunch Trade” for their mid-day meal. The Lunch Trade events are expected to impact close to 15,000 employees across all management levels during their lunch hours – positively changing the way people think about their lunch break options. Employees curious about the companies involved can visit Ivanka’s blog at www.ALunchTrade.com for more speculation. Ivanka will be making an appearance at a pop-up location in NYC next week to serve her lunch to lucky business people. I wish my cafeteria lunch lady looked like her.

Late yesterday, ConAgra issued this statement:
“On October 21, Ivanka Trump will kick off a “Lunch Trade” in two cities challenging working Americans to change the way they eat lunch at work. We are very excited for Ivanka to reveal this new option aimed at freeing working Americans from the lunch rut of eating the same boring, expensive or unhealthy food at their desks day after day.” Regina DeMars, ConAgra Foods spokesperson.