iTunes Top 10 Songs Dominated by Michael Jackson & Black Eye Peas: MJ on 44 of Top 100 Songs

I rarely (never until now I think) discuss songs and albums in this blog. But, I’m making an exception today…

It’s not often that I recognize every musical artist in the iTunes top 10 songs list. But, this is the case at the moment because there are only two artists represnted in the top 10. The Black Eye Peas have two songs at #2 and #4. But, the rest of the top 10 are all songs by the late great Michael Jackson. The iTunes Albums top 10 is also dominated by MJ. He postumously owns 7 of the top 10 albums in that list including all 5 of the top 5.

Looking further down the songs list, MJ another three songs at positions 12, 17 and 19. The first Jackson 5 song appears at 26 with another two appearing at 27 and 32. If I counted correctly, there are 40 Michael Jackson songs in the top 100. If you add the 3 Jackson 5 songs and the 1 Jacksons song, MJ is on 44 of the top 100 songs.

With the possible exception of the eventual passing of Paul McCartney (which I hope won’t happen until many years from now), we may never see an iTunes chart domination like this again.