iTunes Store To Host iPhone Apps?

A post on says that when Apple releases the upcoming iPhone software developer’s kit, it might well use the iTunes Store as the “primary distribution vehicle” for all those third-party applications that will come from what’s expected to be a large community of developers.


The article includes a quote from Mac application developer Daniel Jalkut that probably sums up the general feeling on the matter:

“I think a lot of developers simultaneously see this as the best thing and the worst thing in the world. The feeling is: ‘Oh no, Apple is going to set up this stronghold where [developers] can’t set their own prices or have control.’ But personally, I think a lot of them trust Apple enough that they’d be willing to make that trade-off.”

Of course, as Wired points out, even if Apple does sell the iPhone apps through iTunes, it won’t necessarily be the only place to get them. Although, considering that estimates put the number of iTunes users at more than 35 million, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.