Publish Your iTunes Music Collection To Facebook With MusicWithMe

There has been a barrage of apps and services lately that have focused on socializing your iTunes experience. The latest is from Kentucky-based ParkVu, called Music WithMe. This app adds social features to iTunes by publishing your iTunes music collection to Facebook, giving your friends the ability to comment, share and like individual tracks. Sounds interesting in theory, so after taking the beta for a spin, how does Music WithMe stack up?

The install process was the usual obtrusive and annoying multi-step affair involving a standalone desktop application (a requirement in order for WithMe to sync with iTunes) and authorizing the app on Facebook. I understand the need for this multi-phased install process from a technical standpoint, and developers are limited in ways to deal with this, however to a casual user it may end up being too much of a hassle. Let’s hope that facebook and app developers can come together to find a way to streamline this cumbersome app install process soon!

Once Music WithMe was installed I was able to view my top 25, top rated, recently played and recently added tracks synched directly with iTunes. Unfortunately, I was unable to do much at all after this point, as Music WithMe requires your friends to install it as well in order to post comments, like or share tracks. A feature allowing you to post tracks to your friend’s walls would be very useful in order to entice them to try the app, as most of my friends (and myself included) have become impervious to blanket app install requests from each other.

That being said, Music WithMe does offer a great way to interface your iTunes catalogue with your Facebook account.   If you’re able to muster your social group together to collectively install the app, there is enormous potential to discover and share your music with each other. Adding the ability to share with your friends who don’t have the app installed would make an enormous difference. With Music WithMe still in beta, it will be interesting to watch and see how it will evolve over time. For now, get some friends together and give it a try!

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