It’s Wednesday, Fiorina Lost By 10 Points and She Has Yet to Concede


The campaign that started off with a Demon Sheep has continued to be bizarre: Carly Fiorina is filibustering her concession.

Former CEOs Meg Whitman and Fiorina lost by landslides. It was never close. With over 90% reporting Whitman lost by over 12 points and Fiorina by 10. Whitman held off her concession until after Jerry Brown made toned down show at the saved and refurbished Fox Theater in Downtown Oakland.  “We haven’t gotten all the votes in yet, but it’s good enough for government work,” said the governor-elect/former governor Governor Brown.

Then an hour later Whitman reluctantly conceded. “Tomorrow we are all Californians,” Whitman declared. As opposed to Tuesday when we were all Jerry’s kids?

Anyway, it’s now the day after the election. Last night the people at her party were asked to leave. She never made a concession speech. She did address the crowd when a third of the votes were counted. “For all those people who have already declared this race, maybe that’s not a smart thing to do,” said Fiorina.

Journalists packed up. Everyone went to sleep. She still hasn’t made a statement.

Just to sum up: Sarah Palin, Demon Sheep, fake protests, “What’s with that hair?”, “dead heat,” lost by 10 points and then no concession.

Sacbee reports:
Fiorina plans to address reporters from her Irvine campaign office at 10:30 a.m. A release from the Fiorina campaign does detail the planned nature of her remarks.